Shannon agrees that Odell Beckham is a victim of a double standard after watching Tom Brady’s sideline outburst

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Shannon talks Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr.

- Shannon, does Odell have a point?

- He does. And the way I look at it, wrong is wrong. I don't believe a player's accomplishments should change whether an action is wrong or right. If you're wrong, you're wrong.

When Odell has done something wrong on the field, with that incident with Josh Norman happened against Carolina, I said Odell Beckham is absolutely wrong. When he's had those meltdowns on the sideline, kicking the net, and throwing his helmet, and carrying on, I said, Odell Beckham is wrong.

Same with TO. Any player that I feel steps out of line, regardless of accomplishments, I will say-- criticize them and say they're wrong. That's the same with Tom Brady. I feel that what Tom Brady did to Josh McDaniels, what he did to Bill O'Brien was wrong.

We've also seen Tom Brady run after an official, berate him because he didn't like the call that he got on a Monday night game in Carolina. So we've seen this. But we somehow excuse-- the more accomplished you are in the NFL, it seems that some are more excusing of their behavior. That's unacceptable.

I'm not debating-- this is not a debate whether Tom Brady is the GOAT, this is not whether Tom Brady is accomplished. The only thing that we're debating is, should we call a wrong action a wrong action regardless of who the player is? I believe we should. Odell Beckham knows this.

Now we saw Ben Roethlisberger. He felt Antonio Brown ran the wrong route. What did he do last night, Skip? He ran middle-- down the field and was-- at Antonio Brown. He was showing up his receiver.


- We criticized Antonio Brown for showing up Ben Roethlisberger in the Ravens game October 1. I remember it just like it was yesterday. October 1, that's what we did. We criticized him. You don't show your quarterback up. You don't do this once you get to the sideline.

I just believe a wrong action is a wrong action, and nobody is that accomplished that you can't be criticized when you do something wrong. And see, and that's the only problem that I have. We make excuses. I'm a firm believer, and I believe this wholeheartedly, guys, that when we like a person, we'll find a way to excuse anything they do. And that's what we do with some of these quarterbacks in the National Football League.

We say Tom Brady, Tom Brady is competitive, that's competitive fire, that's emotion. Odell, Antonio, that's lack of maturity. They need to grow up. They're destroying the team. Huh?

What Tom Brady did Sunday was wrong. When Odell melted down on the field against Carolina, some of those antics he's had on the sideline, he's wrong. TO, he was wrong. Wrong is wrong, regardless of the player, regardless of their position, regardless of the accomplishments.

Odell Beckham is absolutely right. There is a double standard when it comes to certain tier quarterbacks, we understand that. But that might be a double standard for the general population or the fans, but there will never be a double standard for Shannon Sharpe. They already know.