Skip Bayless: ‘I will take Antonio Brown over Julio Jones any day’

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless explains why he'd take Antonio Brown over Julio Jones ay day.

- I'm going with the little man, this little man and Antonio Little man.

- You a little too.

- Yeah, I'm a little too.


- You do realize, the older you get, the less weight you should-- you should weight less--

- I'm talking about being 5'6". I ain't talking about wearing 142 pounds.

- I will take Antonio Brown over Julio Jones any day or any night, especially late in games. Because this little man is something with the game on the line, as he was on Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh. Because it's 17 seconds left. And they're 70 yards away from the end zone. And that 23-yarder, I'm still not sure he got his second foot down. You thought he did. But it was a clutch catch. It was a hellacious great catch. And then he turns right around and catches a 14-yarder. And they're suddenly in field goal range.

- Kind of like that one where Julio climbed the ladder?

- Yeah.

- On Sunday, at 38, he climbed the ladder.

- Yeah, absolutely.

- He got 23. You like that?

- I did.

- Yeah. But this won the game. So again, Antonio started one year before Julio. So let's just look at the numbers since Julio's rookie year head-to-head. So over that stretch, Antonio leads the NFL in catches. And he leads the NFL in yards. Julio's fifth. Wait, did I say Antonio? Antonio leads. Julio is fifth and second in those categories. Antonio leads the NFL in first down catches over that span. And he leads the NFL in yards after catch. So in four big categories he leads the NFL.

Now, I agree. He leads in drama also. And I don't love that. And you got really down on him at the end of the year last year after the Facebook Live in the locker room at Kansas City. And so did I. You were ready to get him out of there. And I would have too. That would be a deal breaker. But they gave him his money. And here they go.

And he is-- look, Julio looks the part. I give you that. But this little man plays the part. He plays huge. He will go over the middle and catch it in traffic. And with the game on the line, I don't know anybody better, because Ben lives and dies on Antonio. He just says, where is he?