Shannon Sharpe breaks down why Julio Jones is a better MVP choice than Antonio Brown

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe breaks down why Julio Jones is a better MVP choice than Antonio Brown

JOY TAYLOR: Is Freeman right?

- No. And I know Mike a little bit. And I respectfully disagree. It's going to be almost impossible for a wide receiver to win the MVP for the simple fact he plays a dependent position. And if that guy puts up astronomical numbers, guess what that means. The quarterback has astronomical numbers. Because if you remember, the year Randy Moss broke Jerry's record with 23 touchdowns, Tom Brady was 5,000 and 50 and 8.

So do you give it to a guy that has 23 receiving touchdowns or a guy that threw 50 touchdowns with 8 picks and 5,000 yards? Bam. The year Jerry broke the record with 22 receiving touchdowns in the strike, he had 22 in 12 games. John Elway was the MVP. So and with that withstanding, Antonio Brown is not even the best receiver in the NFL.


- That distinction belongs to Julio Jones. And I get that when you're talking about great players, you're splitting hairs. But I go back to this simple philosophy, Skip, I will take the great big man over the great little man. And I can assure you, when you're going to try to find a wide receiver, they're not saying, find me a 5' 9", 185 pound receiver.


- They say, go get me 6 foot 3", 220 pounds that can run 43. And I said this last year. And, Greg, you were at the Super Bowl. Julio reminds me of a TO faster.


- Has better hands. He has a bigger catch radius than Antonio Brown. I believe he's better run after catch than Antonio Brown. He catches the ball in traffic better than Antonio Brown. He's a better deep threat than Antonio Brown. Now, Antonio Brown is shiftier. But there's a reason why in the 98-year history there's only one man to have three 250-plus receiving games. He is the only-- now, there have been some great receivers. Lance Alworth, and Jerry Rice, and Terrell Owens, and Sterling Sharpe, and Chris Carter, and Randy Moss.

- I can't believe you went with Lance Alworth, but go ahead.

- Charlie Hennigan.


- Don Hutson.

- Wow! How old are you?

- Hey! One man--

- You watched those guys.

- --one man has three games of at least 250 receiving yards. And I love Antonio Brown. But let me tell you what gives me another lead to Julio. I ain't get no drama. I ain't going to get nobody throwing no coolers on the field. I ain't going to get nobody--

SKIP BAYLESS: Now, that's a fact.

- --forcing his quarterback-- oh, he missed me on one play.


- He's going to target me 19 times the next week--


- --and throw five picks.


- Give me Julio. Antonio Brown is unbelievable. But I'm not taking Julio-- I'm not taking anybody over Julio Jones right now.