Skip Bayless reveals what the Thunder’s loss to the Orlando Magic means for Oklahoma City’s future

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to the Thunder's loss to the Orlando Magic, questioning what Oklahoma City will do to improve their situation in the future.

- So there's one glaring difference in stats from one year ago to now. Russell Westbrook averaged 32 points a game last year. He is now averaging 22 points a game.

MAN: That's 10 points.

- So he has sacrificed-- in his mind I'm sure he's saying I'm deferring. I'm trying to get them involved. And it ain't working.

- He's still almost averaging a triple double, Skip.

- No, he is, he's close. 22-9 and 10.

- Yeah, so there's a chance he might average a triple double again.


- He won't have the point total, but the hard decision that they're going to have to make, Skip, because nobody thought at this point they would be where they are, that come trade deadline, what do you do with Paul George? Because now you're not going to get equal value for him. But you robbed Indiana to get him to begin with, so whatever you get in return, you have to deal with.

- Somewhere today Kevin Durant is chuckling over this because he lost the cliche-ed battle, but he's winning the war, because he lost the battle in Oklahoma City, lost that game. But the big picture he's saying, I'm good.

- But you know what, Skip, listeners KD talked, I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes his career in Oklahoma City.

SKIP BAYLESS: He might. No, he misses it.

- He does.

SKIP BAYLESS: I know for a fact.

- He does.

- He doesn't miss Russ.

- Yeah, he doesn't miss like, uh, can I get the ball over here? You do I'm the MVP, right?

- It's not that easy to put together super team.