Skip Bayless on Lonzo’s disappointing play: ‘I was screaming at my TV – just do something with the basketball!’

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In his conversation with Joy Taylor and Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless examines the play of Los Angeles Lakers PG Lonzo Ball and how the rookie continues to play inconsistently.

- In a second, I'm going to tell you why I was generally disappointed in Lonzo Ball's game last night.


- That's what I'm going to tell you. But I want to remind our viewers that this man across from me has already condemned him as a bust. And just as he said, Dak Prescott, flash in the pan, one-hit wonder. Lonzo Ball bust as the second pick of the Draft, says Shannon Sharpe.

- When did I say that?

SKIP BAYLESS: You've said it again and again and again, then you try to backtrack out of it. Well, but, maybe if he--

SHANNON SHARPE: No, there ain't no maybe. I just said, I don't believe he's transcended like you do.

- OK, before I get to what happened last night, I'm going to frame what's happened to Lonzo Ball for 21 games now. Remember, we're still in the month of November.


- Right? We're still in November, 21 games in. He just turned the age of 20 about a month ago. So far, he has two triple-doubles. The one at Milwaukee was 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 13 assists, pretty good, and he has so far five double-doubles, including the game last night.

And against Eric Bledsoe and Devin Booker in Phoenix, he went 29, 11, and nine, a near triple-double. And he made four threes in that game. So he now has five games of making at least three threes in a game. And in back-to-back games, he had 16 rebounds and 13 rebounds.

That's all in the first 21 games of his career as he barely has turned 20 years of age. OK. So that's the frame. Now let's get to last night.

He did have a terrific flurry, big flurry in the third quarter that got interrupted by a gash in the head-- the top-- over the eye. Had to leave, go in, they put a butterfly on it. Then they had to stitch it after the game. He got three stitches. No big deal, but it interrupted the flow of one of those wow stretches, where he just went crazy.

SHANNON SHARPE: Wrong, he got stitched up during the game.

- You got it. Well, OK, let's compare Lonzo Ball to LeBron James, not a fair comparison yet, not yet.


- So the reason I was generally disappointed, and the reason I do continue to say, as Doc Rivers said the other night, he's not going to be good, he's going to be great. As Earl Watson sat right there and said, he's not going to be good. He's going to be great.

I don't get the mindset. I feel like, for the first month and a half of this season, Lonzo Ball has been on a mission to show everyone I'm not my father. And last night, I was generally disappointed in his lack of aggression, his lack of assertiveness. His one pass to the perimeter and drift to the weak side and stand and watch his teammates try to create a shot.

I don't get it. I don't know who he is. I don't know, because I'll see the flash so I saw some great things last night.

I saw some good things last night. And I saw a whole bunch of non-things last night, where he just-- he dribbled the ball up the floor. And he'd look and just flip a pass to the perimeter, you know, just--

SHANNON SHARPE: What would you have him do in a half-court system?

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, just attack. When he wants to attack, he can get in the lane. He's 6 feet 7 inches tall, has not a good handle, a great handle. He has supreme quickness in speed, and he can get downhill on you fast.

So if he just brings the ball up the floor with pace and urgency and just takes it in the lane, then you create open shots for your teammates, or you create one for yourself. And I don't get-- I see timid. I see passive.

I see disengaged. I don't get it. I'm just screaming at my TV, just do something with the basketball.