Shannon reacts to Lonzo’s performance against the Warriors: ‘You might be happy, but I’m not’

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reflects on the Los Angeles Lakers' loss to the Golden State Warriors, detailing why he is not impressed with Lonzo Ball.

- Shannon, what was your takeaway?

- The Lakers played hard. Golden State was really careless with the basketball. I thought Zo pushed the pace when he could. He caught the Warriors napping a couple of times-- in one dribble in the head, and Julius Randle was dunking the ball. And Steve Kerr got a quick time-out, because he didn't like the way they were playing.

They were really extremely sloppy. I think at one point in the second quarter, they were already up to, like, nine or 10 turnovers, which is very uncharacteristic. But sometimes, they can get sloppy when they don't respect their opponent.

But is this where we are now? The second pick in the draft had a 15-10 night. In 21 games, he's only scored 15 or more points three times. Is that what we are, Skip? Shouldn't we expect him to do this on a nightly basis?

The guy is the second pick in the draft. And we were like, oh, wow. Lonzo had a good night. Skip, he was five of 12. He shot 41%. Now, granted, it's way above the 30% that he's normally shooting. But where are we?

I mean, we're getting excited-- well, you're getting excited, because I told you, he's going to be a transcendent player. And plus, he shot the three ball really well at UCLA-- not the fact that it was three feet shorter.

But anyway, Skip, for him, I believe, because of the shot-- and I read something that Chauncey Billups said-- that he believes Lonzo Ball should call Kevin Martin, who also had a funky shot, Skip. But Kevin Martin averaged, like-- there was a stretch there. For, like, six years, he averaged 20-plus points. At one point in Sacramento, he was up to 24 and 1/2 points a game.

SKIP BAYLESS: Took him a while to figure it out. But go ahead.

- Right. Exactly. But Kevin Martin is more of a scorer than Lonzo is. Lonzo is more of a facilitator. So I don't know if scoring-- getting up into the 20-point range-- is realistic for him. I just think he's going to shoot a low percentage until he figures this funky shot out.

But I mean, you might be happy, but I'm not happy. I mean, they're still in the 11th spot. You thought they were going to make the playoffs. I said no way. I still don't believe they're going to make the playoffs.

But if you want me to be excited, I'm happy for you, Skip, that he shot five of 12, and he had 15 points. But what did he do in the fourth quarter? You say you like crunch time. You like guys to play big in the fourth quarter.

SKIP BAYLESS: Joy, have I spoken yet?

- No! I'm just asking! I'm just asking you!

- It's like you're answering everything that I've not said.

- No.

- I haven't said a thing yet.

- I mean, you like guys that play well in the final minutes of the ballgame.

- Seriously, I haven't even said one word.

- I'm just-- Skip, all I'm saying--

- It's, like, unbelievable.

- I'm talking out loud. I'm talking to myself. Well, Skip likes guys that play well in the fourth quarter and overtime. And I'm looking at Lonzo's numbers, and he had zero points or three field goals in the fourth quarter and overtime. But he did have three assists. So I'm just wondering where Skip Bayless is going to go with this. This is me thinking out loud, Joy. But I'm not--

- Tell me when it's my turn.

- I will in a minute. I'm not overly excited. The number two pick in the draft should be expected to get 15 points. He should be expected to dole out 10 assists in a ball game. But all I know is, my restaurant got a pop-up one, Joy, right there in Westwood. Nothing. Got one table and the sign. Hot L's or hot W's, which one you want, Skip?