Skip Bayless explains what the future looks like for Eli Manning after being benched in Week 13

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Skip Bayless explains to Joy Taylor and Shannon Sharpe what getting benched means for quarterback Eli Manning's future with the New York Giants.

- I'm afraid Eli has hit the wall. I don't think he's even half of what he used to be in his prime. While Peyton was. So somebody will take a shot, and maybe he could be revitalized for one last hurrah, maybe two, if you get with the right coach like a Bruce Arians. But what shocked me as I read all the things that got written overnight, I've seen nine teams speculated as possible destinations for Eli Manning. And don't get us started on Colin Kaepernick again. But I just throw that out one last time. That's how desperate this whole league is for quarterbacks.


- Just somebody give me a quarterback. Oh, no Colin Kaepernick. But, back to Jacksonville. We just heard the sound from Tom Coughlin. He loves him some Eli Manning. He believes heart and soul in Eli Manning. So you would have to trade for him, unless they just cut him.

- 'Cause Blake Bortles is going to be a free agent, Skip.

- Yep, yep. I think that, to me, that would be the number one destination. You would put Eli with Leonard Fournette, got some-- got a credible run game.

- And then there's defense.

- And you've got-- you've got the number one defense in pro-football. So you'd say, hey, if you can just, you know, give us 10, 15 nice completions.

- One-- guy needs to make one or two throws a game.


- That wins you the game and doesn't make that throw that will cost you the game.

- You can't. And I even forgot to bring up in the previous topic that Eli has led this league in interceptions three times. Three times. So you would have to get him harnessed with the coach that he would listen to. Well, you can't do that anymore. You can't try that, and that, and that, because I've been looking at Eli's ratio of touchdowns to interceptions, it's pretty terrible what he's done. It's barely above Jay Cutler's touchdown. It's 1.5 for every--


- --touchdown shows 1.5 to 1 interception.


- And Jay Cutler is 1.43. So he's like in that Jay Cutler thing. It's like Flacco in the regular season, he's an interception thrower.