Skip Bayless: ‘The Philadelphia Eagles are on a meant-to-be magic carpet ride of a Super Bowl roll’

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Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he is confident the Philadelphia Eagles will come out on top of the Seattle Seahawks in Week 13 of the NFL.

SKIP BAYLESS: If you had told me, before this season started, back in August, that the Philadelphia Eagles would be a six-point favorite over Seattle in Seattle, I would have laughed loudly, out loud-- loudly, out loud, because I would have said that is preposterous. And it just happened. Because the Philadelphia Eagles-- I'm going to say it one more time-- are on a meant to be magic carpet ride of a Super Bowl roll. Everything is breaking perfectly for Wentz in a lifetime and the Philadelphia Eagles.

They're going to Seattle when there is no Richard Sherman, no Kam Chancellor, no Cliff Avril. Those are three key pieces of that defense. That is firepower. That is mystique. That is presence. That is intimidation. And by the way, the starting running back for your Seattle Seahawks on Sunday will be one J.D. McKissic, undrafted, out of Arkansas State. And the leading rusher so far this year for those Seattle Seahawks is the little quarterback, Russell Wilson.

SHANNON SHARPE: What happened to Eddie Lacy?

SKIP BAYLESS: He's the leading rusher. I don't know!