Shannon Sharpe reacts to benching Eli Manning ‘The Giants owe him nothing’

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Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why the New York Giants benched longtime quarterback Eli Manning for backup Geno Smith heading into Week 13 of the NFL.

- If you look at it, Skip, Eli is behind Mitchell Trubisky, CJ Beathard, and Trevor Siemian in yards per attempts. He's averaging 185 yards a game, passing, in his last seven games. And you remember the last time we saw him play-- not this past Sunday, but the week before-- 113 yards, under 50% completion. And you tell me he deserved to start, Skip?

Now, I ain't about the sympathy. I will give Eli kudos for this. He understands, the streak has to mean something. But for me to go out there and play the first half, when I know you're going to come get me in the second half just to keep the streak alive-- that's demeaning.

- It is. And to his credit, he said no.

- He-- right. And this was the most emotional I've ever seen Eli Manning.

- Me too. Yep.

- He's played bad in some games. He's played great. Skip, I've never seen this kind of emotion. Because, obviously, it means something to him. Now, I don't think he was ever going to catch Brett Favre. I mean, he'd have to start every year, every season, for 19 straight.

- 210 to 297 straight. So--

- Yeah. So that's another four-- that's another five-- basically, another almost five years, Skip.

- Yep. Don't think so.

- That's another-- no. No, no, no, no, no. So-- but in the NFL, you must update your resume, Skip. You don't get to live forever on winning two Super Bowl and being Super Bowl MVP and beating Tom Brady. Because after he won that last Super Bowl, Skip, last year was the first year he even go into the playoffs. So you know you've got to keep updating that resume. You don't get to rest on your laurels.

So no, the Giants didn't disrespect him. He's been disrespecting the Giants organization and their fan base with the way he's been playing. So they owe him nothing. They have compensated him fairly for what he's done.

But Eli is not playing well. He doesn't warrant starting. My only issue is who they're going to replace him. If you went with Davis Webb, I got no problem with it. I just do not believe Geno Smith is the answer for the New York Giants.

But I have no problem with them sitting Eli Manning down. I will offer kudos, Skip, because he said no. The streak means something to me, but not enough for me to go in there just to keep it alive, and y'all pull me in the second half.