Shannon on LeBron’s win over the 76ers: ‘He got 8 W’s in a row… He’s opening pop-up shops all over!’

In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe discusses LeBron James' incredible performance in the Cleveland Cavaliers' definitive victory over Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers.

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- LeBron James scores the first 9, he scores 15 in the first, he grabs seven rebounds, which tied the career high of seven rebounds. Do you know how many points the other starters had? Can you tell [INAUDIBLE]?

- It's the Sixers.

- Oh--

- It's like a home game away from home. The crowd loves him because he says--

- I know--

- "My favorite player is Carson Wentz!"

- I know--

- "Yay LeBron!"

- I know this--

- When in Rome, say what the Romans want you to say. "He's my favorite player."

- Are these-- this is not the 76ers that led Golden State by 18 at one point and it came down to the last two minutes of the ballgame. That's not those Sixers, right?

- I don't know who they are.

- Oh, now, of course you don't.

- They're the "baby Sixers" to me.

- Oh, now they're baby. But they had an 18-point lead on Golden State--

- Who won?

- Golden State came back and won.

- Oh, so they went to your restaurant and they got a W? That's what you tell me. That's all that matters is the W, right?

- LeBron James, oh he got-- opened up another pop up store. He got eight W's in a row, opening up shops all around.

- Really?

- In Charlotte, in Philly, in Cleveland, all over. In New Jersey. He opening up pop up shops, serving hot "dubs".

- So, so--

- Hot "dubs".

- Let me ask you something real quick.

- Step right up.

- This is the 2017 schedule I'm looking at here. So the best player on the planet has lost at home already to Orlando, at home to the Knicks, at home to the Pacers, at home to the Hawks. He's lost all those games at home?

- Yeah. Oh, yeah.

- How could that be?

- Hold up. You just lost to Detroit, you lost to Milwaukee, at home.

- Who's "you"?

- Your Celtics.

- I'm not a Celtics fan.

- You're hyping Kyrie. Why are you talking about Kyrie then?

- Because he's really good.

- Oh, now he's really good. See what you did, Skip? You a Spurs fan, but you're hyping Kyrie, which you try to do. You try to find anybody to take down the King.

- Wait. Are the Spurs in the East? No, they're in the West.

- It don't--

- You know what? You're so lucky they're not in the East. That would have changed history--

- Right here--

- --because LeBron-- LeBron might be like, 0 and 0 in the finals.

- 15 and 7. Because you didn't answer the question. In the first quarter, the other starters, Calderon, Kevin Love, and J.R. Smith had 4 points. Before four minutes left in the ball game, the starters had combined for a grand total of what, Skip? 6 points. Kevin Love, Calderon, Jae Crowder.

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