Skip Bayless reacts to LeBron James saying Carson Wentz is now his favorite NFL player

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to LeBron James saying Carson Wentz is now his favorite player.

- In Philadelphia ahead of last night's game against the 76ers in Philadelphia-- and this was vintage, classic, typical LeBron James, the all time great. You know what he's greatest at? Front-running, sellout, bandwagon jumping. I've never seen anything like this before.

So this is a LeBron James-- let's put this all in perspective. This is a LeBron who once wore an Emmitt Smith Cowboy Jersey on the field before a Browns game. This is a LeBron James who once wore a Yankee cap at an Indians playoff game, because he just goes with the front-runners. He's Cowboys, Yankees, whatever's good for the brand he goes with.

But in this case, eh, Sean Lee's out. And finally, Zeke got suspended for six games. And Dak's struggling, so I gotta run from that. That's not good for my brand. I'm about to play the 76ers in Philadelphia, where it is just Eagles fever. It is crazy.

I'm sure LeBron heard it all last-- the night before and all morning in his hotel. Eagles, baby, Eagles-- how about them Eagles, baby? So he goes and tells the mostly Philadelphia media that his new favorite player is Carson Wentz. Are you kidding me?

It's the ultimate betrayal for a, quote, unquote, Cowboy fan. And guess what. LeBron James, you are now officially forever banished from ever being a Cowboy fan again, because no Cowboy fan would say that his favorite player is now the Eagles' quarterback. It's outrageous.