Tony Gonzalez tries to figure out what was going through Crabtree’s mind on Sunday

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Tony Gonzalez joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk Michael Crabtree after his fight during Sunday's game.

- Who is more at fault, Talib or Crabtree?

- Well, Crabtree. I mean, he's the one who started the whole thing. That unnecessary after play stuff started the whole thing, and obviously, it stems from what happened last year.

But to me, what this says about what's going on in Crabtree's mind-- I always try to, OK, what is he thinking there? Either he's thinking, you know what? Maybe my team doesn't need me. Because once you throw punches, once you do that stuff, you know what's coming. You're going to get kicked out of the game. That's all there is to it.

So he's thinking, my team doesn't need me, and they can beat the Broncos without me. And then if I do get suspended for next week, they're playing the Giants. So maybe, you know, I'll take it. I can fulfill my personal agenda.

Or, fulfilling his personal agenda, he's selfish. That's all there is to it. When you make that choice, that conscious choice, to go after and start this melee, you know what's coming. You're going to get fined. He's probably going to get fined a lot of money. He might not play next week.

But worst-- the worst part of it all is that now, you know, you're killing your team. You're handicapping your football team, which, to me, is the selfish thing to do. You've been working all week, all year. You still have a chance to win this AFC West.

I just don't-- I don't understand it, but I understand the emotional part of the game. But for me, it's selfish or he's being-- he's really thinking ahead and being-- and saying, OK, this is a calculated move on his part. I'm going to go with the latter, though. I think he's just being selfish. He wasn't thinking--

- Quick question.

- --and he hurt his team.