Shannon reveals all the reasons why the Steelers are no threat to the Patriots in the AFC

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Shannon Sharpe explains to Joy Taylor and Skip Bayless why the New England Patriots and Tom Brady have nothing to fear from the Steelers.

- Brady is 10 and 2 in his career against the Steelers. They won eight of nine. They've already gone on the road and beat them twice in AFC Championship Games in Pittsburgh. They do not fear this team. And the reason why is because Tom Brady has his way with this team defensively. He throws whatever he wants. They still don't have an answer to Gronk. They still have no answer to Gronk.

And think about this Skip. You're not going to believe this, and this is why they don't have a chance. Only one guy has thrown more interceptions that Ben Roethlisberger, DeShone Kizer. Think about that. Let that sink in, a rookie, only one, with Cleveland. He's 14th in QBR.

Now let me tell you the team they beat. They beat Cleveland by three. They beat Indy by three. They beat Green Bay by three. You wouldn't take any of those quarterbacks. They have Aaron Rodgers last night, they'd wipe the floor with them. What do you think Tom Brady's going to do?