Shannon Sharpe reacts to Sunday’s fight between Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib

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Shannon Sharpe breaks down to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor the fight between Oakland's Michael Crabtree and Denver's Aqib Talib in Week 12 of the NFL.

- Shannon, who was more in the wrong here?

- Aqib got a new nickname. They call him "Two Chains" because he snatched both of them.

- Was that-- did you read that on Twitter?

- No. Skip, you, know what I--

- Sounds like you did, but--

- Skip, contrary to what you do, sit around and just watching and have a boring and pathetic life and can't think of anything but your stats, I do other things. But anyway, as I was saying, Crabtree started it. Because the first play of the game, he punched Chris Harris in the stomach. And then Chirs Harris pointed at him. You don't think Talib-- Talib was already looking for a reason to set it off.

We know what Aqib Talib is. He bought that. And so once he snatched the chain last year, Crabtree swore revenge. Now, they've done a great job avoiding each other in the off season. Both of these guys live in the Dallas area, I believe. And so you got to go out of your way because they kind of like the same things, probably go to the same places.

But for the most part, I haven't heard of any incidences where they show up at the same locale at the same time. And once he punched Chris Harris in the stomach, now Talib's got to get involved because that's part of the no-fly zone, and they're going to protect each other. And then once he went to the other side, he was blocking Talib. Talib snatched the chain. He wouldn't let go. And then all hell broke loose from there, and this is what you get with the NFL, unlike the Ramsey and the AJ Green situation.

So suspensions will be handed down. Not the fact that they got in the fight, Skip, it was the fact of the matter is that once they were broken up, they re-engaged. And this is a very, very bad look because this was all that everybody was talking about for the next two to three, four hours.

The NFL is not going to look favorably upon this. And because of the history, I would be surprised that they're not suspended a minimum of one game maybe two. And I'm sure the commissioner is going to want to talk to the young men, says, look, this is enough.