‘Undisupted: Skip’s not very high on Lonzo Ball … ‘What I don’t like is that he plays with a nonchalant arrogance’

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Skip reacts to Lonzo walking away from an on-court skirmish.

SKIP BAYLESS: I agree it was a bad look. But what I don't like so far about Lonzo Ball is he plays with a nonchalant arrogance that sometimes doesn't benefit him on the floor, during play, or during in a moment like this. Because his IQ is so high that he took one glance over his shoulder.

He knew nothing was going to come of it because nothing usually does. And it's like that's beneath me. I don't do that. I don't get involved in that stuff, so he just keeps on walking.

Well, obviously, you've got to look the part. You don't have to do a Josh Jackson. You don't have to sprint across the court. But--

- You don't have to go out there swinging.

SKIP BAYLESS: --you need to show your teammates that you're going to turn around and at least join the fray in moral support.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, how about this? Come on, guys. Break it up. Come on, now. We don't need this.

- Even if you're just a peacemaker.


SKIP BAYLESS: But as he said, it's the NBA. People ain't really going to fight, and that's the truth of this point. But it's not what you're saying. You just have to show your support of your teammates. Whether it's bogus or not, you just have to look the part.

And he-- again, do you think he lost a lot of respect in his locker room? Because Luke Walton just raved about him and defended him on this. He said, I really don't care how it's looks because he's one of the few rookies I've ever seen that everybody is just kind of drawn to. My group, he says, loves playing with Lonzo Ball because he shares the wealth. He's the most unselfish player I've ever seen to a fault.

SHANNON SHARPE: But think about it, Skip. He's already said it. It's the NBA. Nobody wants to fight, so now you could-- it's not like you're in a bar. And people are slugging the ball, and you run up there so--

SKIP BAYLESS: There's no danger to it.

SHANNON SHARPE: Right, they are already squabbling. So you already know if you run up in it, you about to go down with it, too.

- So you're not going to get knocked out, or somebody would of turned around and-- right.

SKIP BAYLESS: Nobody's going to call the cops. You know, like you're not going to get arrested.

SHANNON SHARPE: Exactly, he's already said it. Well, it's the NBA. Nobody really wants to fight. So that's easy for me [INAUDIBLE].

I just go on in there. Aye, yeah, come on, guys. Let that go.

Come on, bro. Aye, let's-- aye, KCP, let's go. Come on, man, we don't need this.