Shannon explains why Kyrie’s Celtics are the biggest threat to dethroning LeBron’s Cavs in the East

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Reflecting on Boston's 16th straight win in their OT victory over the Dallas Mavericks, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why Kyrie Irving's Celtics are the biggest threat to dethroning LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference.

- All right. Shannon, how big of a threat is Boston to Cleveland?

- Uh, Boston was always a threat. They were the number one seed last year. And they're a bigger threat now for the simple fact they added a much more talented offensive player in Kyrie Irving while taking him away from the Cavaliers. And so, yeah, they are a serious threat. Kyrie has a better supporting cast right-- cast-- right now than LeBron. They're long. They're athletic. They can guard multiple positions. They can switch. They can close out. They can-- I mean, they can switch multiple, multiple times. Cavaliers probably got one switch, maybe two best. But if you swing the ball a third time, somebody's getting a wide-open jump shot or a 3-point shot.

So there's no question about it they're a threat. Kyrie Irving has been-- has been special. We knew Kyrie was an offensive juggernaut. There is no hole in his game offensively. Like I said, either hand at the basket, I believe pound for pound, inch for inch he the greatest finisher at the rim for his size in NBA history. He can shoot the 3. He got midrange. You foul him, he's an 89% free throw shooter.

So fundamentally, offensively, he's complete-- he's a complete package. So there is no trying to shade that. But I'll tell you what-- I mean, he did this against the Dallas Mavericks. Now, if the Dallas Mavericks had had Sean Lee, there's no way they go in overtime. Oh, my bad. Wrong sport. Damn.