Skip Bayless declares which team is the NFL’s best after Sunday’s Week 11 action

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Skip Bayless believes that he knows which NFL team is the best in the league after Sunday's set of games.

SKIP BAYLESS: To answer Joy's question, the New England Patriots are clearly the best team because they have far and away the best quarterback in the National Football League and guess what he's only 40 years old. He's still got like five more great years left.

- Whatever.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, whatever. Tom Brady should be running away with MVP--

- But--

SKIP BAYLESS: --at this point.

- --he's not.

SKIP BAYLESS: He's not because there's so much Brady hate.

- Oh, stop it, Skip Bayless.

SKIP BAYLESS: There's resentment, there's jealousy, there's no way he's going to win MVP this year.

- What about Carson Wentz just play-- What about Carson Wentz with 25 touchdowns and five picks, Skip. What does that mean? Does that mean anything?

SKIP BAYLESS: 22 to 2 is Tom Brady.

- OK.

SKIP BAYLESS: 22 touchdowns--

- What his record? What's his record? What's his team record?


- What's his team record?

SKIP BAYLESS: Eight and two.

- OK, what's Carson Wentz's team record.

SKIP BAYLESS: Nine and one.

- OK, so what are we discussing again?

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, what did Carson Wentz look like in the first half to you last night. Did he looked like the runaway MVP?

- Hold on, hold on. When did the NFL games only go to have, Joy.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, in the second half he looked OK, threw for a grand total of 88 yards in the second half. He had a long handoff for a touchdown--


SKIP BAYLESS: --against a defense that you dismissed as trash-- a defense that I have predicted-- I told you all along it just gives up and gives in the second half without Sean Lee. So that's an MVP caliber performance?

- Hold on, Skip, you just-- hold on.

SKIP BAYLESS: I give no stock.

- You just heaped praise and talked about Rod Marinelli-- he is the star and then on top five--

SKIP BAYLESS: I didn't, no, I said Sean Lee was.

- No, no-- let me-- let me finish Skip-- let me just-- let me say this. You talk about how they don't let you score and they were top five scoring defense and they-- yada, yada, yada. Now all of a sudden you don't like your defense that you knew you were going to have at the beginning of the season.

SKIP BAYLESS: But I do love me some Tom Brady and back to Tom Brady. You realize that his defense is still dead last in the NFL in yards allowed-- yards allowed. They still allow 402 yards a game.

- But, Skip, they--

SKIP BAYLESS: They gave up 344 yesterday--

- Where they--

SKIP BAYLESS: Still 133 to eight.

- What about points? Where are they points allowed?

SKIP BAYLESS: They have risen slowly, but surely up to 13th, so it's, kind of, middling. But much better than it used to be because they used to be at the bottom of the NFL.

- Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: And yet, Tom Brady yesterday with a mere 89 yards rushing, so he didn't have a big run game to fall back on the way Carson Wentz did in the second-- second half Carson Wentz had 180 yards rushing to lean on.