Shannon Sharpe gloats over the Eagles’ win against the Cowboys in Week 11

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Shannon Sharpe gloats to Skip Bayless over the Philadelphia Eagles blowout win against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11 of the NFL season.

- Shannon, what happened?

- Ah! The Eagles happened. That's what happened.

- Wow.

- Carson Walk-It-To-Him Wentz.

- Wow.

- Oh, he's not accurate. Oh, no, no, no.

- Shocking revelation.

- Skip, no, no, no. I did not ask you anything. I'm reclaiming my time. I need 15 more seconds. When I ask you something, you will be allowed to respond, but--

SKIP BAYLESS: Tell me when it's my turn.

- --it is not your turn-- not even close to being your turn.

- OK.

- Why can't I have a moment?

- [SIGH]

- I don't get very many of these moments, Skip. Let me have my time to shine. You always trying to shade me, Skip, and it's so unfair.

SKIP BAYLESS: I always do.

- How is Ernestine doing?

- Your clock is running.


- Skip, this is what happened. The Eagles are as good as advertised. Their record indicate they're 9 and 1. They've played like a 9 and 1 football team, especially in the second half. There's a reoccurring theme that old Jerry said-- I want to know why we not getting any points in the second half.

But Dak Prescott is finally getting to realize this is what really should be his rookie year, 'cause most rookie quarterbacks don't get to inherit the best offensive line in football, the second-best running back in football. That's not normally what happens. You see what happens, Skip, when there's no Zeke, no left tackle?


- Oh! He looks very, very average. 9 points. But I know-- I knew this was gonna happen. Everybody was sending me what Skip said.

Oh, no Sean Lee? Let me tell you something. They could have had Bruce Lee, Michele Lee, Spike Lee, General Robert E. Lee--

SKIP BAYLESS: How long did you work on those last night?

- No no no, Skip. Why do you do me like this, Skip?

- You must have laid awake trying to--

- No!

- --think those up.

- It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, Skip. All I said is Carson Wentz is the real deal. Everybody's been trying to tell you Carson is the real deal.

Dak had a perfect situation. That was utopia. It don't get any better than that-- the three best offensive linemen in football, an all-pro running back.


- And that's what he had. Now all of a sudden--


- --you remove that haze, and guess what, Skip? You love quarterback ratings. Can you-- if you don't mind me asking, what was Dak's quarterback rating last night?

SKIP BAYLESS: We doing passer rating or QBR?

- The one you use, QBR.

- QBR. What'd your research [INAUDIBLE]?

SHANNON SHARPE: No, no. Don't work on me.

- I don't know. Go ahead. Tell me what it was.

- 11--

- 11?

- --0.5.