Skip on Enes Kanter defending Frank Ntilikina: ‘I applaud him for getting in the face of a LeBron James’

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reveals why he is on Team Enes Kanter and not Team LeBron James after James pushed rookie Frank Ntilikina and Kanter came to his defense.

- In this case, I am on the right side because I'm on the Knicks side. And for once in my life. I'm on Enes Kanter's side. And I've had my Twitter spats with him back in his Oklahoma City Thunder days. But in this case, I applaud him for getting in the face of a LeBron James who was completely out of line. He was out of line back in Dallas when he made that statement. You don't have to take a shot at the Knicks 19-year-old point guard.

SHANNON: He didn't.

- I know it's a complement for Dennis Smith Jr. Or maybe it's just a shot at Phil Jackson.

SHANNON: Isn't that what he said?

- He did say.

SHANNON: OK, then.

- But there's collateral damage. And LeBron James had been around long enough and is certainly smart enough to know there's the collateral damage of the 19-year-old who's not from the United States of America. Maybe that makes him an easier target. I don't know. But LeBron is so shrewd an operator that he knew by association he's condemning the Knicks point guard as not all that, not Dennis Smith Jr. And by the way, Dennis Smith Jr. and his start so far this-- in this league-- he's 2 and 10 for the Dallas Mavericks. Just for the record. So he hasn't exactly changed life in Dallas just yet.

- Well, how about this, Skip.

- Maybe he will.

- How about this? I know Frank is not from the States. But let me tell you what's universal around the world when you playing ball.

- Yeah.

- When somebody dunk the ball and you run into them, you normally catch hands. He's lucky he didn't catch them hands from LeBron. But carry on.

- So LeBron was out of line getting into this to start with even though he tried to backtrack at the shootaround yesterday. And then he was certainly out of line during this incident. Because, let's get this straight, so he alley-oop dunks on the Knicks.


- Boy, that's a big bad play. I'm impressed. I'm scared. And then he dares to stoop to trying to bully and intimidate the 19-year-old point guard of the New York Knicks by getting in his way as Frank Ntilikina-- did I say that right?

JOY: I think so, yeah.

- That's the first time I ever tried to say it publicly.

JOY: That's good.

- Ntilikina, he's just trying to pick up the basketball so he can take it out of bounds to throw it inbounds.

SHANNON: Walk around.

- Walk around the King?

SHANNON: Walk around.

- It's just a bully tactic.


- Yeah. So LeBron outweighs this kid by what? 60 or 70 pounds?

SHANNON: Mm hmm.

- Boy, that's a bad man, LeBron James. Are you impressed that he would do that--

SHANNON: Walk around

- To try to intimidate this kid? And I loved what this kid did. He pushed him back.