Shannon: ‘Enes Kanter is trying to become Charles Oakley… But we know he’s softer than drug store cotton’

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Drawing upon the Cleveland Cavaliers' comeback victory over the New York Knicks and LeBron James' disparaging comments on the Knicks' draft choice of Frank Ntilikina, Shannon Sharpe reacts to Enes Kanter coming to the aid of Frank Ntilikina after LeBron James bumped him on purpose.

- He's endearing himself to the guard. He's trying to become like the Charles Oakland, Xavier McDaniels, and the Anthony Masons, the tough guys that protect everything. But we know he's offering drugstore cotton. We know he medicated Cotton on the low-low joy. We know that.

- So this was Cotton versus Cotton?

- No! You see, and some see-- you know what's happening, Skip? Because LeBron will heap praise on a lot of different guys. When Steph Curry got that big contract, he commended him, saying, you deserve everything, bro. When Lonzo Ball became the youngest guy by five days to beat his triple double record, he congratulated him. LeBron James, well, he praises because he's a student of the game. And he loves the sport, and he will give credit when credit is due.

- Yeah.

- But what they're starting to do is take his kindness for weakness. LeBron might have to-- hey! Reach out and touch. He might have to touch somebody. See, if you start praying for him, put hands on him. You don't have to be a Catholic priest. But lay hands on one person! You're going to stop him from running up in your face, Bron. Kanter was in the wrong, Skip. He had nothing to do with this. The man dunked the ball. Frank was upset. He tried to bump into LeBron. LeBron was just bouncing around, like, woo! LeBron [INAUDIBLE] strutting that stuff, [INAUDIBLE].