Skip reveals how the Dallas Cowboys will defeat the Atlanta Falcons without Zeke

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In his reaction to Ezekiel Elliott's suspension being upheld, Skip Bayless reveals how Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys will defeat Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons without Zeke.

- I cannot wait until Sunday afternoon, because this game is by far, to me, the best NFL game of the weekend. Because it also features an incredible subplot of Jerry Jones versus Arthur Blank, and they're vying over the commissioner's future, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: How much camera time you think both of those guys get?

- Woo! Woo, can't wait for that.

As you know, and even after yesterday's, for me, troubling news, I still believe the Dallas Cowboys can win this football game-- I'll tell you my score in just a moment-- but first, just a quick thought on the Zeke case. And I know even Dallas Cowboy fans get sick and tired of all the legal mumbo jumbo involved in this case, but just allow me to just get this off my chest one more time, please.

It is disturbing to me, it is disheartening to me, that the court system of the United States of America has allowed a league to enforce a domestic violence suspension without conclusive proof, that we know of, until this case can be heard in full on December 1st. I know nobody wants to hear this, but it ain't over yet. Yesterday was just an emergency session of this court, ahead of today's Veteran's Day holiday in which that court is not in session. They just quickly decided to grant or not grant an injunction. And silly me-- and I'm no legalese expert-- but I thought the court would at least grant the stay until the case could be heard in full on December 1st, because that's the first time they can actually get it on the docket.


- And instead, they shocked me and crushed me by saying, no, we're going to let the NFL go ahead and enforce the suspension for the next four games until we, our three judges that will hear this case, can hear it in full on Friday, December the 1st.

So that means Ezekiel Elliott now, for sure, as you point out, will not play at Atlanta. Then they have three straight home games. The Eagles visit. That's going to be a ball game, right? Then it turns right into a quick Thursday Thanksgiving Day game against the Chargers, and then the Redskins visit. And then we'll--

- On the following Thursday

- Yes, on the following Thursday. Thursday to Thursday. And then the day after the Redskins game, this case will finally be heard in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.


- I know it drives people crazy. It's driving me crazy. But silly me, I just thought they would grant the stay until then. Be that as it may, so be it. Onward and upward.

I have told you from the start that the only positive here, and you alluded to this, is that this team has been preparing to play without Ezekiel Elliot since training camp. This team is psychologically prepared and strategically prepared as best as any team could ever be to lose, what I think, is the best running back in pro football.