Shannon Sharpe discusses Colin Kaepernick’s potential meeting with the NFL

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Shannon Sharpe discusses with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor what a potential meeting with the NFL could mean for Colin Kaepernick getting back to the football field after the Houston Texans signed Josh Johnson.

Shannon, what are your thoughts?

- This is why I need, a mediator needs to be involved. You see what's happening, Skip?

- Yeah.

- We can't even get the story of was he invited, was he no invited, should he come, should he not come. My question to Kap is this. I got two questions. The main question is, Skip, what do you hope to get out of this? The Houston Texans signing Josh Johnson yesterday should have made Colin Kaepernick come to the realization, I'm not playing anymore in the NFL. They signed a guy that has not thrown a pass in the NFL since 2011. Kap last threw a pass nine months ago, and can't get a job.

- What did I count up? Josh Johnson has been now on, I think it's nine teams?

- Nine.

- Nine teams?

- And Colin Kaepernick's been on how many teams?

- One.

- One, thank you.

- And if he thinks he can go into this interview and talk to the commission, and the commissioner says, OK, Kap, Colin. I'm going to get you a job. And then Colin's going to say, see, I knew you were in collusion, I knew you were in cahoots. Because if you can get me a job, you can also tell them not to give me a job. So that's done. Let's just put that on the shelf, Skip. I believe. You and I both believe that Colin Kaepernick will not take another snap in the NFL. The signing of Josh Johnson, a lot of these guys that have been signed recently are two and three years removed. They're bringing guys out of retirement.

OK. Now if you want to get policy change, if you want to talk to the commissioner, commissioner, I need you to use your influence. I need the owners to use their influence and contacts to help us get those state and local and national legislative and policy changes that impact unarmed black men and women against the brutalization of police officers. If you want to social change, we want you to use your influence to do that, well Colin should go.

But I think a mediator should also be there. Because now we don't have to worry about he said, he said. Because if you look at it from the owners standpoint, when they had the meeting with the players, the owners, oh, it was very productive. But that's not what you hear from players.

So now you've got two sides. Is it a PR stunt? Are they listening to what we have to say? Are we going to get something done? Is change going to come from this? If no one has anything to hide, Skip, what's wrong with a mediator? I don't see a problem with it.

- Would the mediator bring a tape recorder?

- Well, mediators are supposed to be impartial. I don't care what Joy say, I don't care what you say. I'm just here to offer assistance, jot down things, to make sure what he came in, what he thought he could get accomplished, what you came in thinking you were going to get accomplished, we try to come to some kind of a resolution. Probably not going to get all of it done, but OK, we have a great understanding.

- But that mediator can verify and validate what got said or not said.


- Right?


- So it's not, he said, and he said.

SHANNON SHARPE: No. It's, no, this is what you said.

- Yeah. Right?

- Yes. So speaking of Josh Johnson, silly me, when I first glanced at the headline I couldn't process it quickly enough, and I processed Josh Freeman. And I thought, oh, well, at least he had one good year. Like that one year Tampa he had 24 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, remember? He was really good.

SHANNON SHARPE: Almost like 4,000 yards.

- Yeah, I think he made the pro-bowl.


- And then he's got some issues off the field, and he went south, and he's gone. And yet, I was thinking, oh, OK, at least I can kind of justify that a little bit. But I cannot jus-- this is laughable, is what this is. This is almost like rubbing your nose in it.

- Yeah. Because at what point in time, Skip, has Josh Johnson in his NFL career ever been as good as Colin Kaepernick.

- I can't even dignify your question.

- And that's my--

- And neither can the Texans.

- He did-- you know what, Skip? This is what they do. Well he knows the offense. So I tweeted that yesterday. The reason why they signed Josh Johnson is because he knows the Texans' offense. I said that's a lie, I made that up, but I just wanted to beat the Texans to it. Because that's the lie they always tell.

A guy removed six years, Skip. I mean, Brian Hoyer, who hadn't played for the Patriots in six years, oh, he knew the offense. Well, hell, he knew Kyle Shanahan, he just played with Kyle three years ago in Cleveland. So they need to stop with that, oh, he knows the offense. Because if he knew the offense so well, why couldn't he play any better at any of the other locations that he went?