Shannon on Lonzo’s lackluster scoring: ‘I don’t know how he gets good at shooting if he doesn’t shoot’

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Reflecting on the star rookie's poor shooting performance against the Portland Trail Blazers, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless how Los Angeles Lakers PG Lonzo Ball can quiet the haters and elevate his scoring to be what everyone expects to see.

- But right now, Skip, he's Ricky Rubio, not Magic Johnson. That's what he is.

- But listen, Ricky Rubio attacks like crazy, to a fault.

- But early in his career, Skip, he was averaging four points a game. And if you take out--

- But Ricky Rubio is like frenetic.

- Yeah, but here's the thing though, Skip. Was the Phoenix game an anomaly? Because all the other games he's six, six and six on 27% shooting. That's what he--

- OK, I got it, but at least you saw him in an NBA game.

- Yes.

- And listen, I know Phoenix was maybe racked by dissension. I don't know, because Earl Watson was about to get fired.

- Right.

- But trust me, I watched that game. Eric Bledsoe played hard because he's been challenged by LaVar versus Lonzo. And Devin Booker played hard in that game. They were making crazy shots, so don't tell me Phoenix didn't try in that game.

- Yeah, of course, they did.

- I don't know what happened, I don't know.

- But I'm asking if, was his performance an anomaly? We've seen guys that all of a sudden have that game where you like, oh my goodness.

- Was the whole summer league an anomaly? I don't know. Was UCLA last year an anomaly?

- Skip, you playing against grown men. You see at UCLA you playing for books and tuition. Here, you playing for mortgages, playing for private school tuition. It's a whole different ballgame. This is a grown man league. And he is a rookie. So this why I'm not down on him.

He's going to have, he feels really comfortable doing what he's good at, Skip. And what he's good at is passing the basketball. But that's hard for me to believe that you can get good at something if you don't do it. I don't know how he gets good at shooting if he doesn't shoot.

And right now what it is, is that, Skip, and this is what you're going have to, you're going have to deal with, because his shot is so unorthodox, you're not going to get the consistency that you get with a Steph or a Klay or anybody that has a more orthodox compact shot.