Shannon Sharpe responds to Jerry Jones’ defense of Ezekiel Elliott

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Shannon Sharpe reacts to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' comments defending running back Ezekiel Elliott.

- Shannon, does Jerry have a point?

- First, I want to say I don't think there can be an overcorrection for domestic violence in America. So let's get that on the record. He has-- he has a point.

But here's the thing, Skip. The NFL had to take this serious because they didn't have anything on the books because they didn't anticipate having to deal with such a large societal issue. Sports are not in-- they don't go into business thinking they're going to have to deal with these types of issues. OK, how do we make sure our players are not betting, throwing, fixing games? How do we make sure we can make a lot of money, generate revenue, and put the best product on the field we possibly can? Domestic violence and some of these things that we've seen pop up over the last couple of years was not on the books that they felt they would have to deal with.

Um, here's the thing, though, Skip. This is what you have to look at. And I get-- I get Jerry. Jerry's very frustrated. He has a vested interest in this. The only thing that matters is that, when 2011 after the lockout, when the owners unanimously gave Roger Goodell this power and 31 of 32 teams gave Commissioner Goodell this power, the only person that it matters to whether or not domestic violence occurred is him. You decided in 2011 that he can be the judge, the jury, and the executioner, and he can be the appellate court officer, so to speak in this case. You gave him those powers.

So what Kiya Roberts thinks, what Lisa Friel thinks, what Jerry Jones thinks, it doesn't matter. If Roger Goodell believes that domestic violence occurred, he must give him six games.