Skip Bayless exposes the most shocking element to the Patriots trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers

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Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe the most shocking element to the New England Patriots' trade of Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers.

- I was shocked when I heard this news last night, late yesterday afternoon I guess it was. I was shocked because you and I have talked for months on this show about how it appeared it felt like Bill Belichick was positioning himself, after winning five Super Bowl rings, to be able to try to prove he could win one more or two more, whatever more, without Tom Brady. And I was convinced, and I think you were heading in that direction, that they were just going to have to let Tom go after this year. That would be a nice parting gift, just let him go choose where he wants to finish out.

- Because you thought like I thought, they kept Garoppolo through the offseason. They could have traded him at-- they could have traded him at last year's trade deadline. They could have traded them in the offseason, or right near the draft. And they still didn't.

- And his value, Garoppolo's, seemed to be through the roof just before the draft, and Bill hung on. And I'm assuming Bill hung on because he wanted to make sure that he was right or wrong about Tom Brady--


- --that he wanted to give it an eight game sample size up to the trade deadline, which is upon us, just to see, at age 40, if he does hit the wall. And guess what? Once again Tom Brady ran right through the wall. He did it again. I think he's been as good as ever. I'm not going to say better, but as good as ever.

I made the case yesterday to you on this show, I think he's the MVP at the halfway point. Because Tom Brady has made up for, won in spite of a defense that has-- I know it's started to percolate a little bit, started to come together-- but it is still giving up the most yards in the National Football League. And the first four games were flat out all-time disasters.