Chris Broussard reveals what Lonzo Ball has learned from LeBron James on handling losing

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Chris Broussard reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless what Lonzo Ball has learned from LeBron James when it comes to handling the Lakers' losses.

- Lebron-- as much as I love him--

- Thank you.

- The narrative has never been he takes the blame.

- Never.

- Now he'll admit when he's played not well. I talked to him about Dallas. He told me he didn't play well. He owned it. But Cleveland, the first time he left, didn't-- whenever you leave, you know, it's the implication, you need a better team. He was right, but the implication. And so that's never been the narrative. We can go the top-heavy quote--

- Mm!

- From last--

- Thank you. Top heavy as you know what.

- Yeah. Yeah. And even when you leave it out there all year that I might leave, and it's going to be to win a championship, it's not taking the blame. So he's not the only one. That's a habit now with a lot of players. Paul George, you know, the implication I didn't have enough help. Kevin Durant, the implication I didn't have enough help in OKC. Even Kobe.

- Yep.

- When he was going to leave the Lakers, you know, he wanted to be traded. But to say that Lebron, the defining narrative of his career has been, or a defining narrative, that he always took the blame, no. That's just not.

- That's was big from Chris--