Shannon Sharpe on the Patriots trading Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘They are rolling the dice’

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Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless that the Jimmy Garoppolo trade to the San Francisco 49ers is very perplexing because it means that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are '...putting all of their eggs in Tom Brady's basket...' in the hope that he can remain healthy and be successful at 40+ years of age.

- I am very surprised, especially at this point in time. They're basically one hit away from being the Green Bay Packers. They're rolling the dice. And Coach Belichick doesn't strike me as a guy-- watching him, and following his career, and watching how he does business, he does not strike me as a guy that will put all his eggs in one basket, and then, possibly stumble on the way to the market.

Now, I will agree this is a very sturdy basket. He has 18 years of data on Tom Brady not missing any games, with the exception of those 15 games that he missed in 2008 with that knee injury. But as far as shoulder, ankle, or anything of that nature, he hasn't missed any time. So he likes his odds, once in 18 years, thus far.

But here's the thing, though. 2018, 2019, I guess Coach Belichick feels that he could go in the draft and find a quarterback. This is what we also know about this team and Coach Belichick and how they do business, they will keep you, but you've got to pay for them-- play for them at their price. Tom Brady has always given them a discount.


- And he looks at it like, if this guy is going to play for a discount, you're going to play on a discount. And if you're not willing to play on a discount, Jimmy Garoppolo doesn't strike me as the guy was willing to play on a discount. He knows it's going to take $50, $60 million in guaranteed money. And Coach Belichick says, well, we only got two games of tape on you.

Chandler Jones, they weren't going be able to pay him. Now, he had a little off-the-field incident, but they weren't going to be able to pay him the money that he was going to get in free agency. Jamie Collins-- if you look at the history, for the most part, since Coach Belichick has been there, only one guy has gotten free agent money and remained on that team, and that was Richard Seymour. Everybody else get below market value, because that's what Tom Brady, their greatest player has always, always done.

And they look at it like, if Tom is going to take less than market value, you're damn sure going to take less than market value. So I am surprised for the simple fact, Skip, is that all their eggs are in Tom Brady's basket. He's 40 years old, and he's taken a lot more hits. He's been sacked a lot more thus far this year than he did all of last year. How many hits does the 40-year-old body-- how many hits can it withstand, oh, say over the next seven, eight games, moving into the playoffs?

But they put a lot of stock in believing that Tom Brady is going to stay healthy because they only had two quarterbacks on the roster. They traded one away. So now they have none. Everybody believes that Brian Hoyer, who was in New England to begin--


- --got--

SKIP BAYLESS: --for three years--

- --undrafted, right, undrafted--

SKIP BAYLESS: --from 2009 to 11. Yep.

- --will go back there.


- But if you think Brian-- I do not believe that Brian Hoyer is as good as Jimmy Garoppolo. But we might not even have to find out. Because if Tom Brady doesn't get injured, we'll never know. But that's an awful lot to ask of a 40-year-old to stay healthy throughout the entirety of this season. So I'm surprised that Coach Belichick rolled the dice, because he strikes me as a guy that's a little bit more calculated. But they're a hit away from being Green Bay.