Skip Bayless: Deshaun Watson toyed with the Seahawks’ defense in Week 8

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Skip Bayless was very impressed with Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson's Week 8 performance against the Seattle Seahawks.

- I loved this kid before the draft. I'm stunned by what he's doing. This is extraordinary.

MAN: Yeah, yeah.

- Listen, this game yesterday-- again, I'm going to make this case, and I defy anybody to prove me wrong on this one, even though it's a little subjective. I don't think any rookie starting quarterback-- and that's a pretty small sample size, because it doesn't happen all that often-- I don't think any rookie starting quarterback has ever played a better game than he played yesterday.

It's got to be the greatest performance ever, under the circumstance, the degree of difficulty. That's the number one scoring defense at a place where they eat young quarterbacks for lunch, right?

MAN: Yes.

- It is the loudest stadium in the League, outdoor stadium. You can't hear. You have to go on silence the whole game. And he doesn't know it. So, like, Russell Wilson, in his tenure there, he's 12 and 0 against AFC teams, because they don't know it.

They're coming in cold and they get hit right in the face with the wall of noise. And this kid throws for 400, and 4 touchdowns against that defense? He just riddled them. He toyed with that defense for much of the game. He threw the pick 6, but--

MAN: Cut right back.

- Did he fold his tent? Nope, nope. He came right back and said, I got this.