Shannon Sharpe on Bob McNair’s ‘inmates’ comment

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Shannon Sharpe talks Houston Texans and Bob McNair with Skip Bayless.

- Shannon, did you like the way the Texans responded yesterday?

- Short of them not playing the game, Skip, I don't really know what else they could have done. I loved the way DeAndre Hopkins and Forman handled it by walking out of practice on Friday--

- I do, too.

- Letting the owner know that this is unacceptable, and we're not buying your BS apology. Mr. McNair will never have the same relationship with his black players as he had before these comments came out. And he-- it should be expected.

And people are like, well, that's just a figure of speech. There are a lot of things that are figure of-- figure of speeches, that people said in years past that if you uttered those now, they would be deemed reprehensible.


- And this is one of those. Now he try-- and see, the thing is with an apology, Skip, if I say something wrong, if I do something wrong, guys, I offended people. And I can't understand why the-- how these comments were taken. And I'm sorry for offending you. I'm not going to make an excuse of what I was trying to say. Because then it comes off as like, I'm really not sorry, but I'm apologizing that it got out. See, this is what I really meant to say.

He said he was meaning to say that the League office are making decisions without the owners. But first of all, the owners are the League So what policy are they making that you're not involved in?

- So he's trying to say the League offices are the inmates.

- The inmates--

- OK.

- Which, you and I both know, that's not the case.

SKIP BAYLESS: Not the case.

- And in a situation where you're trying to show the players, especially the black players, because this is mainly what the issue that they're talking about, and for you to say this. And I don't know how it got out.

Because you and I both thought that he made these comments as they were sitting around discussing it with the Coalition of Play-- the Malcolm Jenkins, the Kenny Stills, the Eric Reids. But he made this comment around 32 other owners and the commissioner, and, I guess, Troy Vincent was the only black that was in the room--


- Is to what I'm gathering now.


- How this got out is unbeknownst to me.

- Well, ESPN just reported it.

- Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

- So somebody had to tell something, because it's hard for me to believe that the reporters were in the room.

- Mm hm.

- Now, they might have been. That's not the here nor there, either, Skip.