Shannon Sharpe reacts to Deshaun Watson’s Week 8 against the Seahawks

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Shannon Sharpe talks Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans after Week 8. Find out why the rookie QB could be a MVP candidate.

- Skip, he's lived up to the billing. I thought he could be good. Skip, I didn't see 400 yards and four touchdowns. I didn't see a guy leading at the halfway point, leading the leading-- leading the league in touchdown passes. But he has one flaw. He's going to have to cut down on those turnovers. He had an opportunity to possibly go up 0-0 or 14-0. And he throws a pick six.

- He did.

- And he let Seattle right back in the ballgame. But this young man is special. But Russell Wilson? We're going to talk about this later.

- Yup.

- At some point in time, the best thing that happened to him has been when Marshawn retired. Because as long as Marshawn was there, all they said, he's running the ball. Oh, it's easy. Take Marshawn away. Well he had to grow up a lot sooner than maybe he wanted to, because Marshawn retired. And they still haven't found an adequate replacement. And when they do find one, he gets hurt, Thomas Rawls runs well, and then he's out a game. But what Russell Wilson did yesterday, this was by far the game of the year. And then you had a shootout. Deshaun Watson already got Rookie of the Year. He put his name in the MVP candidate running now.

- He has.