Skip Bayless explains why he thinks the Cowboys are a threat in the NFC East

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Skip Bayless explains why the win for the Dallas Cowboys this weekend proves they will catch the Philadelphia Eagles and win the NFC East.

SKIP BAYLESS: Now, back to my Dallas Cowboys. I told you before and I believed this more than ever after what I saw yesterday. They are going to track down the Philadelphia Eagles and win the NFC East. Because even though I didn't always love what I saw yesterday, even though some of it wasn't very pretty, what I saw yesterday.

They did what you always say. What do you say about you order on the menu are you looking for dubs? Right? I have one of those. I'll have a dub. What they did was they beat their arch rival, on the road, in a driving rain storm. And by the way, that's the fifth time in a row they've won at Washington against the Redskins.

And all Dak Prescott did was moved to 3-0 against Kurt Cousins. Because yesterday he was more Kurt than Kirk.

SHANNON SHARPE: Even though it was a driving rain storm?

SKIP BAYLESS: Driving rain storm. So the point is, that right on schedule even before it started driving rain, Kurt Cousins turned into Kurt Cousins. Because remember the big play early, I thought I was getting in some trouble. Because it looked like Washington was driving for a 17 to seven lead. And remember what happened on a big third and seven play into cowboy territory?