Skip Bayless: ‘LaVar Ball is an amazing human being because as outrageous as he keeps getting… he also keeps being right’

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Skip Bayless reacts to LaVar Ball's outrageous statements about his son, Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball, saying he always seems to be right.

- LaVar Ball is an amazing human being because as outrageous as he keeps getting, more and more outrageous, he also keeps being right. And on Wednesday, I believe-- yeah, Wednesday morning, sitting right here in this chair, it was the first time I criticized LaVar after months and months of defending LaVar. Because I kept saying, I'm not going to condemn a father for over-loving, overprotecting, over being there for his son, being a stage father.

Again, I wish I'd had LaVar as my father. But in this case, I thought it was way too much to paint a target on his kid's back ahead of some routine Wednesday night game against John Wall?


- You're even going to make it hard on your kid against John Wall, a proven four time all-star? You're even going to hype this game to hype yourself and make it that much harder for your kid in-- what was that-- his fourth NBA game. Really? And I kept-- as I said on Wednesday, what's he going to do before the kid has to play Steph? What's he going to say before the LeBron game?


- Russ, Harden, name somebody, CP3, all of them.

- Yeah.

- They're all coming, right down the line. This is pretty routine. This is John Wall at Staples on a Wednesday night--

- For the game of 82.

- --in October. And you're going to do it for that game? You're going to go way out on the limb and say Lonzo ain't losing twice in a week at home? Really? Well, so-- and so I couldn't blame Gortat, I couldn't blame John Wall for saying I'm going to show no mercy. And guess what? I said yesterday, now LaVar will probably take credit for John Wall's performance, which--


- --was pretty it was even worse than Lonzo's was. And right on schedule, he took credit. And maybe there's something to-- I've got to give him some credit here-- what he's saying.