Shannon on the Redskins-Cowboys matchup: ‘Kirk Cousins will prove he’s something special’

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Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless why Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins will defeat Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys.

- Who wins on Sunday?

- Washington will win this game on Sunday.

- Big, huge. 40--

- Don't worry about it.

- 40-0. Why-- how about 40-0?

- It doesn't--

- Do it!

- It does not matter. Kirk Cousins will prove that he is quote unquote, special.

- Oh really?

- Yes indeed.

- As he always has before. Go ahead.

- I got Washington winning 22-23. Actually, Skip-- and you hate saying this this early-- but this is a must win game for them. If they have any hopes of trying to win this division, they must win this game. They've already lost two to Philly. They lose this one now, they're oh and three in the division. They still would have to go to Dallas. I think they play them on Thanksgiving or something like that. Close around that time. And then they still have two games against the Giants. I do not believe you can go oh and three in this-- well, oh and four-- in this-- oh, it'd be oh and three. Oh and three in this division and still win this division. When you're division, you get a home playoff game. Although it didn't serve your team well last year. But that's neither here nor there.

- I thought it did, actually. But go ahead.

Look Look. I love the way Kirk Cousins is playing. They're three and three. 12 touchdowns, three INT's.

- He's phenomenal.

- He's not the reason that they're losing these ball games.

- Yup.

- I like Chris Thompson.