Chris Broussard: ‘Most people would put LeBron ahead of Kobe even though Kobe’s got more rings’

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In his reaction to LeBron James missing two clutch FT's in the Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Brooklyn Nets, Chris Broussard says that the only way that LeBron can enhance his legacy is to win more championships despite his intrinsic greatness individually.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Look, LeBron has told me on numerous occasions he wants to be the best player ever. The best player of all time. He's never mentioned MJ, but we all know what that means.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: You've got to be better than MJ. And I'm not-- I don't believe Lebron's conceded that you're not going to win more championships, but he's realistic. He's smart. He knows it's going to be hard to get to 6 championships. So I think he wants to end that argument of who's the GOAT, that will go on for even when he's retired. I think he wants it to be more on the individual things. He's a student of the history of the game. He knows it's not always about rings.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: Kobe won five. Would you agree most people-- I think would put LeBron ahead of Kobe.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: Even though Kobe's got more rings. Outside of L.A., I think most people would do that I mean Jordan's got 6, Bill Russell's got 11. People put Jordan ahead of him. So he knows it's not always rings. Look, individually, he took-- he brought you back from a 3-1 finals deficit. He averaged a triple double in the finals.

SPEAKER: Met everybody's statistical categories.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Yeah. He's going to have more career points than Jordan. He's going to be the only player in the top 10 in assists, top 5 in points in history. If he can get the argument to individual stuff and off the championships, because let's face it, we all know the only thing LeBron can do to enhance his legacy is win more championships. That's it. He couldn't even average a triple double because Westbrook stole that thunder.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: So I think there's-- in my speculation, some of that, let's get it away from just the championship talk to individual talk.