Skip reacts to LeBron James missing 2 FT’s in the closing seconds of the Cavs’ loss to the Nets

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Skip Bayless reacts to LeBron James missing 2 FT's in closing seconds of the Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

- LeBron James is a lousy free throw shooter, who does not trust himself late in games at the free throw line. So inevitably, invariably, he either passes it out of the lane, or he jacks up a 3. So he doesn't have to go stand there by himself, under pressure with the world watching, and try to make two free throws to tie the game. And obviously he missed the first one, so he had to miss the second one.

He winds up 4 of 8 for the night. The last miss I'm not going to count because he had to miss the last one. But the point is in his career, LeBron James, in the final 15 seconds of regular season games, down one or two points is 16 for 28 from the free throw line.

Now think about that. Game on the line, final 15 seconds, down 1 or down 2. He's 16 for 28. That's 57% from the "best player on the planet." The guy christened by GQ Magazine last week, the greatest living athlete in the world.

- Could I ask you a question. I just want to make sure. I just want to make--