Shannon’s not buying the Dallas Cowboys power ranking, here’s why

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Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless why Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys' current USA Today Power Ranking is meaningless.

- Where should Dallas be ranked?

- They're closer to 19 than five. Let's start with that premise.

- Let's not.

- Yes. OK, let's-- I'm trying to figure this out, and I'm not really good at math, Joy. I mean, once we started, I couldn't count on my fingers. I couldn't use scratch paper, I was done with math. But I'm really good with a calculator. So let me get this straight. They have three losses. The Broncos, three and three.

The Rams, better record, and they also lost to Green Bay. All these teams are .500 or better. Now they have three wins. The 28th ranked team, the 29th ranked team, and the 31st ranked team. So how do you get that? How do you get beating those three teams, and you get to five? I've never seen a team get so much adulation for beating an 0 and 6 team.

- They beat the 49ers. Oh my goodness, did you see what they did to the 49ers? Everybody done that. That's why they 0-fer. Oh, they had a 40-- somebody on this show. I'm not going to call his name. Somebody said they had them 40 to 3. 40 to 3.

- Wait, did somebody just state a fact? Was that not--

- I didn't say it was you. Did I say it was you?

- Was that made up?

- Did I say it was you?

- There's nobody else on the show except Joy, and I'm not sure she--

- You didn't say that? I know somebody said it. Skip Bayless, you said it.

- Yeah. Was the score not 40 to 3?

- Yes.

- Yes. And where are they ranked? 31st. So I'm just trying to get this. I'm just-- help me understand this, Skip. Like I said, I wasn't good with math. But I got a calculator. If a team beats you, beats you, which the Rams did. The Packers beat you, which the Packers did. The Broncos beat you, which they did. And all these teams have a better record than you, the Broncos have the same record as you, how do you get to be ranked in front of them? If they beat you?