Chris Broussard explains why Dwyane Wade is the most selfless NBA superstar he’s ever seen

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Chris Broussard joins the show to talk Dwyane Wade and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- With Dwayne Wade starting or not, they're winning the East. With or without Dwayne Wade period, they're winning the East. So Dwayne Wade at 35 years old is not what he used to be. We all know that.

Now, this was the move to make from the beginning. I mean, I thought he would be coming off the bench from the get go. I like the way Ty Lue did it out of respect and deference for what Wade is and was to this game. He let him start. But you always just looked at it like how in the world in today's NBA are you going to have two guards who can't shoot three pointers especially on a team like Cleveland that likes to have a lot of three point shooting and wants to spread the floor for LeBron to create three point shot for his teammates?


- Yeah, and at this point too, J.R. Smith, we know he's a better three point shooter, will spread the floor, also a better defender. Now, I'll say this because I heard you earlier Skip, and you think how's Wade going to feel about it, Dwayne Wade is about the most selfless superstar this league has ever seen. You could put David Robertson up there with him. But here's the difference in those two. Dwayne Wade-- I can't think of an alpha dog, superstar in his prime who ever gave his team to another player so they could win. Because Dwayne saw in Miami, look, LeBron needs to have the ball, be the playmaker--


- --so I'm going to step back. I think Dwayne stepped back and said, I'm going to be about 80% of what I really could do so that LeBron could excel, run the team, and they could win. So this is Wade's m.o. I totally believe what he's saying about it was his call and that he's going to be fine with it because that's who he's been throughout his career.