Skip on Adam Silver not suspending Steph Curry: ‘This is just shameful’

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Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe why he says it's 'disgusting' that Golden State Warriors PG Steph Curry was only fined and did not get suspended for aggressively throwing his mouthpiece in the direction of a referee.

- When I heard that Steph was not suspended just for a game, just to make the statement--


- Just to send the message, this will not be tolerated--


- It turned my stomach. Because it has come to this for the NBA. And I usually give Adam Silver gold medals for all of his decisions. He gets no medal for this one, because this is just shameful. This is catering to the two-time MVP, a marquee star on a team that was the most prohibitively favored before the season started in the history of the NBA to win it all.


- So you are protecting your product here. And it's just disgusting. Because you're letting them push the boundaries, push the limits farther and farther. And then you let Steve Kerr talk you out of it and shame you into a no decision here on Steph, no suspension. Because, right after the game, Steve Kerr, everybody respects the heck out of Steve Kerr.

SHANNON SHARPE: They love Steve.

- Oh, do they. But he made an extremely sarcastic remark about, oh, he should get 8 or 10 games for throwing his mouthpiece. And he went on to say, it was egregious. It was awful. It endangered people in the stands. Blah, blah, blah, he was just laying it on thick.

And I guess, Kiki Vandeweghe in the league office and Commissioner Silver sat back and said, yeah he's really got a point. It wasn't that big a deal. He didn't actually hit Joey Crawford, or the referee in question. I'm not a big Joy Crawford fan, either. You're a Udonis fan, but I'm-- you know, that was, OK with me.

SHANNON SHARPE: You had-- you was out on Joey ever since he--

- Yeah, you got that right.

- Ever since he threw Tim out of the game for laughing.

- And guess what happened to him?


He got tossed for that, right, for a while. But in this case, you can't let Steph Curry even throw in the direction of the official. It's in the direction. Maybe he didn't aim at him, but he kind of threw it at his feet.