Shannon reveals why D-Wade is to be commended for his recent decision to come off the Cavs’ bench

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Shannon Sharpe discusses with Skip Bayless D-Wade's decision to come off the bench instead of starting with LeBron James and why that's the best option for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- He realizes that he's not the Dwayne Wade of five years ago. And that's to be commended. For him to see that and set his ego aside and say, you know what, I can bicker and say, no I'm not coming out of the starting lineup, but that doesn't help this team. I'm here to help this team win, not score 20, not get 20 shots. I commend Dwayne Wade. I know you are going to have something to say about my boy, but that's OK.

SKIP: I don't have anything to say, this is about Dwayne, not about LeBron.

- Well give him kudos then.

- Give who kudos?


- Oh. Well I told you, the only reason I didn't pick Boston to win the East is because LeBron somehow convinced Dwayne Wade to forgive and forget that LeBron left him high and dry, left him for quote unquote, dead, back in Miami after 2014. In which LeBron's Miami Heat got blown off the floor by a record margin in five games--

SHANNON: Have you--

- --by the San Antonio Spurs. I'm talking!

SHANNON: I just want to ask you one question, have you ever broken up with somebody, been away for like two or three days, maybe even a week, and then gotten back together? Sure you've done that, haven't you, Joy? You've broken up, we all have! I've broken up, Skip, like, I'm done with you, get away from me! I'm sorry.


- I mean, it happens, Skip! I mean, if Nicole broke up with me, and she said "baby I want you back", come on back!

- But she is not going to break up with you. Nobody's ever broken up--

- Oh, they broke up [INAUDIBLE] happens.

- You're a Hall of Famer

- That's OK.