Shannon Sharpe: ‘Carson Wentz is where it’s at’

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Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless why Carson Wentz is the 'baddest man in the NFC East' and why the Eagles are the best team in the league.

- How did he come out of that, Skip. Is there-- they was all around him.

SKIP BAYLESS: Tell me when it's my turn.

- It's not your turn. Skip! Can I get to talk for like two minutes? I just want two minutes of time.

- You ask me a question, but then you don't want me to answer the questions.

- Stop on a dime, $0.09 change. I mean, it is on. Show me something. Look at this touch, hanging all on him. In the corner of the end zone, drop it in. That's a long handoff. That's a 12-yard handoff. Look at this, woo, that's a 64-yard handoff.


- Aw, man.

- Are we just repeating him over and over?


- Let's just put them on a loop. Let's just play them the rest of the show. I won't talk the whole show. Let's just play highlights of Wentzylvania.

- No, because you know--

SKIP BAYLESS: Let's just do it.

- Oh, you didn't have a problem talking about Dak Prescott yesterday.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, you won't talk about him.

- But the baddest man-- the baddest man in the NFC East right now wears number 11 for the Eagles.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, he wears number 4. But go ahead.

- He's a Wentz in a lifetime player.

SKIP BAYLESS: He's a once a week player. Go ahead.

- Stop doing that, Skip.


- He leads the NFL in touchdown passes.


- He has 400 more yards than Dak Prescott.


- So at some point in time, you need to give this young man his credit.

SKIP BAYLESS: Tell me when it's my turn.

- He also is the quar-- it's not your turn just yet. He also happens to be the quarterback of the best team in football. They have the best record in football, because that's what you always use to me. Because I was trying to tell--

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't use that.

- I tried to tell you last year. And you was telling me, well, Dak Prescott team has only lost one game. Dak Prescott team was really--

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, they won 11 in a row. That's pretty good.

SHANNON SHARPE: I bet they won't win 11 in a row this year. I'm not talking about last year, I'm talking about right now.

SKIP BAYLESS: You better be careful.

- Right now, Carson Wentz is where it's at! And the best thing, let me tell you something about a young player. When he believes that he can get it done, and he see this teammates starting to believe in him. [SINGING] Ain't no stopping us now. Uh! Come on!

SKIP BAYLESS: We're going to have to pay for that.

- What you mean?

SKIP BAYLESS: We're going to have to pay for that song now that you've poorly sung it.

- Carson's going to take care of it. He got it. Go ahead, Skip.