Shannon Sharpe shares his honest criticism of John Elway and Trevor Siemian after Denver’s Week 7 loss

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Shannon Sharpe talks Denver Broncos after their loss during Week 7 of the NFL season.

- So a lot of this falls at John Elway because he put the team together. Trevor Siemian, he is what he is. He's a seventh round draft pick. And if you build your team thinking you're going to get seventh round drafted quarterback that's going to take you where you need to go, you're fooling yourself.

And Mike McCoy, I still love Mike McCoy, his play calling, but what are you supposed to do? You can only the Horace Mann Trevor I've seen enough he's not trying anymore no he trail easy he said mills to Matt

And you know what they had the nerve to ask me? Was I go into the game.

- Who is they?

- I don't even want to tell you who asked me was I going to the game.

- Twitter?

- No, not Twitter.

- Twitter asked you, yes.

- There was a lot of other people.

- OK.

- My homeboy is calling me, hey, the Chargers-- the Broncos are playing the Chargers. I said, I wish I might go out there in that sun, hot as it was yesterday. First of all, it's not even-- if it was 72 with not a cloud in the sky and they were serving chicken breast, I wouldn't go in. Because I already knew what was going to happen. Shut out? How do you get a shut out in a ball game in today's game?

- 21 to nothing? To nothing, 21 to nothing.

- Three and what, 70, 80 times we've gone to the-- -


- 394. Kick a field goal. Don't let them shut you out. I'm embarrassed.

- Joy, I have enjoyed the last five minutes of Undisputed more than any previous five minutes since our launch a year ago, September 6. I really-- you can keep going if you have to.

- Why? Why do you like my misery? Why do you like me frustrated?

- You're just surrounded by your misery. It's like a cloud all over you.

- It's very disappointing. And I had to watch that. And now you wonder why I watch with the sound down.

- I do remind you, you did pick your Denver Broncos, just because you do bleed a little orange. You did pick them to win this division. Are you off that bandwagon? Are you done with them?

- I'm sick.