Shannon Sharpe is not impressed with the three wins the Cowboys have this season.

Shannon Sharpe talks 49ers vs Cowboys with Skip Bayless. Find out why he is not impressed with Dallas this year.

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- The 49ers are not very good. How many wins did the Cowboys have, Skip?

- Three. You know how many they have.

- Oh-- wait.

- Let's ask Steve Owens.

- Don't do that. Don't do that.

- Is he here?

- Don't do that.

- Heisman winner.

- Skip, why would you do that?

- Where is he?

- Why would you do that?

- Why do you ask me? You know how many they have, three.

- Steve told me his wife does not like his name being mentioned on air--

- Really?

- --because he's walking down the street and everybody is coming up to him.

- Oh really? He's now a famous researcher.

- So let me get this right. They have three wins. They have three wins. Let's see, three. They beat the Giants, 1-6. They beat the 49ers, 0-7. And they beat--

- Arizona.

- Hold up.

- I'm helping you out. I'm doing your research for you over here.

- So they got three wins over a team that's won a combined how many games, Skip? This many. Is that good? Are eight of the team that they beat, are they playoff bound? No, they're not.

- What did your researcher tell you?

- Don't do that, Skip.

- I don't know.

- Why would you do that?

- I don't know.

- Listen, I'm talking to you. My researcer is in the back pulling some more notes.

- Tell me when it's my turn. It's not your turn just yet. It's still my turn. I'm giving the Cowboys credit, Skip. Pat them on the back. Dak played well. But the engine that makes this thing run is that old Zeke, that 2-1.

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