Skip Bayless reveals which team has ’emerged right on schedule as the best team in pro football.’

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Skip Bayless talks NFL after Sunday's Week 7. Find out which team he thinks is the best in the league.

- I'm going to address the quarterback that you did not mention who plays for the New England Patriots. Because, to me, I saw a New England team that has once again emerged right on schedule as the best team in pro football. That's the team I saw last night. And that's in large part because it still has the best quarterback in pro football. In pro football history or pro football right here right now. Because to me, that Tom Brady I saw last night is playing as great as he ever has at 40 years young.

And it's stunning to me. And I think people get numb to what we're watching. Because once again, I hope that even the Brady haters can appreciate-- you have a little Brady hate in you. You have some respect, some hate. It's mixed emotions on your part. But I hope even the haters can realize what a privilege it is to still watch this man play at that level, at this age, in prime time.

That was a clinic he put on again last night. That was another prime time masterpiece from Tom Brady. And, again, he's not just conventionally accurate. He's calculated accurate. He's got genius accuracy where he's throwing balls-- you could certainly appreciate this-- to whatever height the receiver is. He's playing to his strengths.

So he throws the low bullet to James White, just beyond the goal line for the touchdown. Because James White's 5' 10". And he throws it at his shoe tops so that nobody can defend that play. Then he threw one up the seam to Brandin Cooks who's 5' 10". And he hits him just at the knees. Nobody can defend it. And it keeps and protects the receiver from any huge collision.