Skip on Lakers’ Lonzo Ball: ‘I’m taking him to the bank… I love what he’s made of’

Skip Bayless tells Shannon Sharpe why he not only thinks Lonzo Ball will be the NBA Rookie of the Year, but why he feels the Los Angeles Lakers, led by Lonzo and Kyle Kuzma, will make the playoffs.

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- And to quote the great Magic Johnson, if you go second-level stats, analytical stats, he was the most efficient player in all of college basketball. Take that to the bank. I'm taking him to the bank, because I love what he's made of. I love his character. I love his humility.

I think he does have quiet charisma. He doesn't have the outgoing charisma that Magic displayed right off the bat his first year out. But remember, Magic was a much older player when he came out of Michigan State.

SHANNON SHARPE: He came out as a sophomore.

- And I'm buying not only Lonzo Ball, rookie of the year, over Ben Simmons-- you can call me crazy, but I said this three months ago, and I'm going to stick with it today. I think the Lakers are going to be the eighth seed. And you can laugh all you want, but I really like this team. I think it's deep enough and talented enough.

And that other rookie-- and Magic has just-- everybody is raving about Kyle Kuzma. He's fearless. He's a man. He has his man body. Lonzo is starting to get his, as Lobar says, his ball body. He's starting to fill out a little bit.

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