Shannon: ‘We can put this to bed: LeBron James is clutch, LeBron James never needed a closer’

Shannon Sharpe tells Skip Bayless that after witnessing LeBron James's impressive late-game play last night to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory over the Boston Celtics, there is no question that the King is, indeed, the NBA's ultimate closer.

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- I'm about to be done with LeBron, Skip, because I'm tired of him making me out to be a liar. Now, I sat right here yesterday and told you he was gonna have 25, 10, and 8. And then he come out there on that bum ankle and get 29, 16, and 9, with two blocks. I say, man--

- Wait, how bum was that ankle?

- Hold on.

- I want to know for sure.

- OK.

- Wait, I thought he was on a minutes restriction and he was supposed to only play 30. He played a game-high 41 minutes. Help me out. You're LeShannon. I don't know.

- He called me last night. He was like-- he was like, Shay, man, if I'd a been healthy, I'd a had 45-24-13.

SKIP BAYLESS: Terrorize them. Yeah.

- He said, but I'm only 50% right now. You know, I don't have the cardio--

SKIP BAYLESS: He could only play 41 minutes.

- I don't have the--

- Come on.

SHANNON SHARPE: I don't have the cardiovascular that I need.

SKIP BAYLESS: He said after the game, he just wasn't in shape. When he gets in shape, he's going to be--


- What, 48 minutes of play?

- No, but I told you, you see that stat line. Now, we haven't seen a stat line like this in the regular season since 2007. Vince Carter did it. Now we have seen a stat line like this in the playoffs. But he did it, when he had 40, 18, and 7 against Indiana in the play-- but I said, I don't even want to talk about that, because we already know what he-- what he like. It's going to take the Cavaliers a while to get adjusted. They're a different team. They used to get up a lot of 3s, they used to make a lot of 3s. They don't have really 3-point shooters in the starting lineup.


- Jae Crowder can spot up and hit a 3 here or there. Kevin-- Kevin Love's in a new position, playing 5. I don't know if I really want my 5 guy, you know, taking 5, 6 3s a night. But that might be the role that Kevin Durant eventually evolves into. They were a little sloppy, because they allowed the Celtics to stay in this ball game. They had a 18 point lead, but then you turn the ball over eight times in the third quarter.

And instead of being blown away and LeBron only plays like three or four minutes in the fourth quarter, now you've got to have him play the entire 12 minutes of the ballgame. I think now we can put this debate that LeBron James is clutch. LeBron James never needed a closer, cause he did it.


- 13 points in the fourth quarter.

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