Skip Bayless on LeBron James: ‘He out-closed Kyrie down the stretch’

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss LeBron James' stellar, second half play against the Boston Celtics.

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- Predictably, after the terrible, terrible accident to Gordon Hayward-- and, by the way, the Celtics were up 12-9 at that point, and it showed a little more energy-- they came out flying against the Cavaliers. I thought they were going to take it to the Cavaliers. And predictably, after that, they looked like "The Walking Dead" for the rest of the first half, as they should have.

And it was what at halftime-- it was 54-38 at halftime. And guess what? LeBron and company took their foot off the gas because they thought Boston had virtually just quit for that night. Right?


- And 33-18 happened in the third quarter, to your point. Now we come to the fourth quarter. And, to your point, I told you off the top of the show, LeBron was really good down the stretch. He closed better than his ex-closer closed for his new team. He out-closed Kyrie down the stretch.


- Because he did make, with 1:19 left, he drove it in the lane--


- --which he is unstoppable doing. But he stopped flat-footed and let two defenders do their cartoon jump across.

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