Skip on Kyrie Irving: “He’s the best closer in basketball”

Skip Bayless discusses Kyrie Iriving as the best closer in the NBA and how returning to Cleveland tonight will affect his game when the Celtics square off against LeBron James and the Cavs.

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- We all know he's got the best handle in basketball, he's the best finisher in basketball, he's the best closer in basketball.

SHANNON SHARPE: That isn't what his general manager said.

- And all of that is going to be on display tonight. And that leads to point number two, LeBron trying to diffuse ahead of schedule has signed off on a video tribute to Kyrie tonight. Because you got to kill this man with kindness.


- You've got to take his edge off. LeBron runs the whole show. You know this.

SHANNON SHARPE: Stop it, Skip.

- It was all about LeBron saying, you know what? Let's do a little tribute to him, little video tribute just to try to-- it deflates him a little bit. It takes a little bit of the anger off, the angry edge.

- Is one of the characters in this tribute, is it Benedict Arnold?

- Benedict Arnold?

SHANNON SHARPE: Maybe it's Judas Iscariot.

- OK, Iscariot, yeah.


- I would hope so because that will even make him matter if you do that.


- So you should call LeBron and say--


--LeBron will say, Shannon, no, we can't do that.

- No, obviously, yeah, do it, do it.

- Shannon, that's the last thing we want to do tonight. And I do hope that the Cleveland fans boo Kyrie because the louder they boo-- I don't think they will because I think they have nothing but respect for him-- but the louder they boo, the more points he's going to score. That's just the way this young is built.

SHANNON SHARPE: I hope so. I--

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