Shannon Sharpe: We all believe Kap has been whiteballed

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Shannon Sharpe talks Colin Kaepernick after he filed a grievance against NFL owners. Will we see the former 49ers QB back in the NFL?

- Unless there's email, a paper trail, maybe you have someone that was close to an owner and he overheard conversation. I just don't know how you'd prove this. We all believe it, Skip, that Colin Kaepernick has been whiteballed. That because of his stance that he took against social injustice and police brutality against unarmed people of color, we believe that is being held against him. But it doesn't matter what you believe. It only matters what you can prove. Can Colin Kaepernick prove through email, through a paper trail, maybe there's some kind of evidence, a secretary or someone close to owner's overheard conversation.

Look, Tennessee, Marcus Mariota, Colin Kaepernick was Marcus Mariota in the NFL before Marcus was. And when he didn't get signed by Seattle, he didn't get signed. Carolina didn't show interest because they run similar offense with Cam and what Kap ran in San Francisco when he had success. The Tennessee Titans, the Baltimore Ravens with their strong culture, a culture in how they can handle situations. I'm looking around the league, where else? I don't really see a place that he can fit now, Skip.

And because we hear all this, well, you have to change your offense. I saw the New England Patriots, last year, when Tom Brady missed those games. Jacoby Brissett ran a bootleg for 27 yards and a touchdown. Have you ever seen Tom Brady run a bootleg? You know they call plays differently. You call plays according to the quarterback that you have. They're not calling the same plays for Jacoby Brissett now in Indy as they would Andrew Luck. You call plays catered to what the skill set is of the quarterback is at that time.

Skip, I get it. It's frustrating because-- And we all said, we was like, OK, once an injury happen, somebody's gonna call Kap. Well this quarterback got injured, and that quarterback got injured, and this one. We get a guy out of retirement. We call guys that hadn't thrown a pass in two or three years in the NFL. Kap last threw his-- last threw a pass in January of 2017. And nothing. I get it. It's frustrating. And it looks like that what he did originally, 14 months ago, has everything to do with why he's not currently playing.

But how do you prove that? Maybe he says, now, look, OK, guys have been stand-- Guys have been playing the national anthem for the last 70 years in the NFL. Why now are you trying to get all the players to stand? What led to this? I just don't know. You got Mark Geragos who's been charged with this and filing the suit. And I get it, Skip. It's frustrating, because this young man believes he can play. You and I both believe he can play.

But without concrete evidence, how do you pro-- how do you prove that one or more persons are in cahoots? I remember when I was playing monopoly with my kids. And I would say, you two guys are in cahoots. They say, Daddy, D cahoots mean? I say, you two are conspiring against me to make sure I don't win. They say, Daddy, why you say that? I say, because you're selling property for less than what it's worth. Colin Kaepernick believe that the NFL is suppressing his right to earn a fair living through the anthem protests. And I just don't know how he proves it in a court of law, Skip.