Shannon Sharpe reacts to Aaron Rodgers breaking his collarbone against the Vikings

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Shannon Sharpe talks Green Bay Packers after Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone during Week 6.

- Was the hit on Rodgers a dirty play?

- Absolutely not. Barr was within a step of Aaron Rodgers. Once Aaron Rodgers leaves the pocket Skip, he's afforded no more protection. He's a runner. He is to be treated like Cam Newton. He is to be treated like all the other running quarterbacks, Kaep when he played, RG3. So no, this was not a dirty play. It was a very unfortunate incident. And it was the perfect storm.

You see Aaron Rodgers tries to brace himself. His elbow comes down first. Now the pressure of him falling on that jars it up. And when Barr falls on top of him, you get [INAUDIBLE], crack. Guess what? Shannon Sharpe had that very injury in 1999. It happened week--

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, were you played quarterback in '99? I don't remember that.

- No, I got teacupped over Skip, leaned on it, 12 weeks, compound fracture. Now he's had-- I think he's had a collarbone injury before.

SKIP BAYLESS: He has, 2013, other side. nonthrowing side.

- If it's not a compound there's a possibility he can come back. But if that's a compound fracture, Aaron Rodgers is getting ready for 2018.

- I don't think it's compound because that's through the skin--


- --right, bone through skin.

- Yeah, mine was kind of ugly.

As a defender, I'm not going out of my way to avoid hitting you. I'm not going to hurt my knee trying to pull up. I'm not going to hurt my ankles or tear a hamstring not trying to hit the quarterback. You remember last year Skip they ran a reverse play, and Tom Brady was out there pulling around, and Jet defender was dodging him. I say well you peel his cap to make sure they don't call-- because if they want to put him in harm's way, thank you Josh McDaniels, because I want to try to tear the quarterback's head off. If he's out of that pocket, I'm trying to decapitate him. Let's just be fairly clear about that.

This is a bigger issue than Aaron Rodgers, because what Aaron Rodgers was able to do, he was able to mask just how bad that defense is. And it's not going to get better. And Brett Hundley and Joe Callahan moving forward, but they can't cover up the smell of that-- Joe

- Callahan? Are we even talking about Joe Callahan, from little D-III Wesley in Dover, Delaware, that Joe Callahan, undrafted Joe Callahan?

- Mike McCarthy--

- Yeah, he brought him up.

- Although you know what, how do we know Brett Hundley wasn't in cahoots with this? Because you know Anthony Barr's from UCLA, Brett Hundley's from UCLA. I don't think that-- no, just [INAUDIBLE]. Skip, this was not a dirty hit. It's a very unfortunate incident. But the bigger issue is, this defense is not solid enough and they can't do enough damage to hold the fort down if Aaron Rodgers was to come back.