Skip Bayless explains why no one can win the NBA MVP playing in the East this year

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Skip Bayless gives his early thoughts on the NBA MVP race for the upcoming season.

- I'm starting with this. Nobody can win the MVP playing in the Leastern Conference because-- I'm just going with Shannon Sharpe told me-- it's the worst it's ever been. No conference in the history of the NBA has been weaker than the east will be this year, says this man. Am I correct?

- Yeah, OK.

- OK, so degree of difficulty is what 10 times higher in the west to win MVP?


- OK so if Kawhi puts up MVP numbers and has MVP impact on the San Antonio Spurs as he did last year, he's going to win it whether you like it or not. And I don't even want to get into the fact that LeBron is coming off his worst free throw shooting year of his career, a career where 67%-- you're disqualified. You're disqualified because you're in the East. And you're disqualified because you can't make your free throws, which Kawhi shoots at a 90% clip.


- You've got to make the free throws. They're called free throws. MVP makes those shots.

- Can I ask you a question?


- How does him shooting 67% last year from the free throw line impact what do you want to do this series from the free throw line?

- Because what did he do. He guaranteed going in the playoffs he was going to shoot like, what did he say, I'll be up there around 90%. Uh, no, wrong. You weren't.


- Yeah? I think he said 80 to 90.


- Yeah, but no, he wasn't. He was right around that same--

- What about that-- what about that triple doub. What if he averages a triple double for the season?

- OK are you predicting that?

- Skip, I just asked you a question.

- If he does, he might have a shot, if he averages a triple double.

- Oh, let me--

- Is he going to do it?

- Let me-- let me get this right. You said if LeBron James averages a triple double, he might have a shot to win the MVP.

- Mhm, because he's in the East. Nobody is going to put much stock in it except, I know, most of the media loves LeBron. So maybe they give the East a pass, you know--

- Stop it.

--it doesn't matter.

- Why you do that?

- I'm not doing it. I'm just telling you the God's truth about what's going on. Because look at what happened last year. Kawhi actually got overlooked last year because he was third in the NBA in PER, Player Efficiency Rating. And the point is, guess who's second on his team in PER? Pau Gasol at 43rd in the league. He had no help. LeBron had Kyrie last year. And he had Kevin Love last year.